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Turning Lemons into Lemonade: Working with the Weather on Your Wedding Day

It’s the vision that every bride has and really hopes to have. That bright sunny day, light breeze, and low humidity. The weather equivalent of winning the lottery. In reality this of course does not always happen, and you should be prepared to accept whatever the weather gods throw your way. Your photographer should also be fully prepared to take on the challenge and be ready to deliver in ANY type of condition. So here are a few scenarios below you might expect and what we can do about it!

The partly cloudy day – Some clouds is NEVER a bad thing. Not only does a little shade feel nice in that dress (pending summertime wedding) but it’s natures backdrop. Always remember that to get those sunsets we rate as a 10, you NEED some clouds.

The full sunshine – Some days there is just not a cloud in the sky, and it makes it easier on the photographer to understand how they’re going to set you up, when, and where during the day. We can also stretch that sunset session to the very last minute, since there will be no clouds unexpectedly blocking any gorgeous light from the scene

The cloudy day – Truly unappreciated, the cloudy day opens up the venue for photographs ANYWHERE we want. Sometimes the bright sunshine can limit where we may want to set the bride and groom up, simply due to some uneven shading from trees, hot spots, etc. The photographer STILL needs to be aware of the sun position for the best possible photographs when posing the bride and groom, but availability has widened greatly as clouds are basically a giant diffuser that lights the landscape evenly, and beautifully. So we approve 🙂

The maybe rain/maybe not day – Rain showers are not so easy to forecast especially during those pesky summer months when they can just pop over your head in a minute. Having that little bit of extra stress watching the sky is definitely not the most ideal situation. However, a little water never hurt anyone! Your photographer should know this and be prepared at all times. Do you have a large wedding party? No problem, we carry at minimum one umbrella for each person, no matter the number. Your wedding day is one of those memories that lasts a lifetime, and being able to tell the story of when the sky opened up and how cute it was to have an excuse to get EVEN closer together for that extra special shot.

The scary one, full on rain mega storm that unleashes wind and havoc – OK, no matter what it’s never as bad as you’re going to imagine. Unless your wedding is an open field without an ounce of cover or tent, (which we highly recommend if you are doing that you have cover) there’s ALWAYS a way to get amazing wedding photographs. Whether it’s the addition of props like those fun umbrella shots, or taking advantage of natures fury as the background, or simply being brave towards the end of the day and literally running in the rain with your new husband. We can absolutely promise that you will walk away with some of the best unique photos.

Kelley and I come from a background of studying weather as well (weather + photography just made sense later down the road!) so we are always keeping watch diligently as it’s not only necessary, but we actually really love to do it. Ask us about our game time decision with a bride and coordinator 45 minutes before an outdoor ceremony while it was pouring!


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