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Don’t Miss These 3 Things During Wedding Planning!

As you probably already know, there are a TON of items to check off the wedding preparation list so that you’re fully prepared and stress free on the actual day! Even with all the resources on the internet, it’s still easy to miss or not even realize some of these important tips below.

#1 Know the sunset time

Pending on the time of year, location, and experience of your wedding photographer it’s a good idea to be aware of sunset time on your wedding day. You may have heard of the “golden hour,” and it’s not something you want to miss if can take advantage of. Some of our all time favorite photos were during sunset, as it provides beautiful soft colors without the harshness of daytime photos. If it’s early to mid summer, sunset may not be until after the ceremony or even cocktail hour, so it will be important to make sure you step away even for a few minutes to grab some extra special photos. You’ll be extremely happy you did.

#2 Do not playlist for DJ

I can see it now. The weddings been going right on schedule, the bar has been open for a few hours and everyone is really starting to loosen up on the dance floor. You take a moment with your groom or bride to enjoy the intimate slow dance the DJs switched too, getting lost in the moment. You notice out of the corner of your eye your friend stumble up to the DJ and start yelling at him a request. The slow dance ends and the Ying Yang twins start rapping. Although their music may be catchy, your grandparents might not appreciate it as much. Do yourself a favor and clear this up with your DJ beforehand, there are a ton of lists online that provide songs you may not think of but buzzed Uncle John will.

#3 Designate a family/friend photo wrangler

During the wedding day, things can seem to happen in a blink of an eye. It’s the job of the wedding coordinator and photographer to work together and keep you on schedule, so that every moment can be fully enjoyed. One of the more tricky portions of the day can be the family portraits, simply because there are a LOT of distractions going on. It is the photographers job to prepare with you ahead of time an organized list so he/she knows who to swap out for that gorgeous family portrait, but having someone who knows most of the family and can shout them out alongside the photographer, will be GREATLY appreciated. This will help potentially even gain a few extra minutes for either more cocktail hour time, or a couple more private sunset shots with just you and your partner. Either way, it’s a winning situation.

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