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Your Potential is Limitless!

Personal growth is vital to continued success in life.

We’re all surrounded by a saturation of content. Whether it’s on our phone, tv, or radio there is such an immense amount of information that to pick and choose what deserves our attention is incredibly difficult. While swimming through the waves of cat videos and memes out there (don’t get me wrong I love all the animal videos), remind yourself that you should make sure to take advantage of this great opportunity and consistently learn or expand your knowledge.

My two favorite passions in life are meteorology and photography.  Weather and photos I could talk about all day! Forecasting weather is both a science and an art, and photography is no different. One day I may take just 15 minutes to understand some intricate detail about how applying one of my camera settings to a certain outdoor or indoor scenario may improve results, and another day I may reflect on how an engagement session turned out and how I can improve going forward for the next one. Regardless of what I am choosing, taking a short amount of time in your week to create some new wrinkles in your brain will only benefit you.

Growth can only come from effort, experience, and patience. To gain experience, we have to apply ourselves, and to apply ourselves we need to learn, and learning requires time and patience. Sometimes, a simple reminder about personal drive is something we all need every now and again when faced with our daily challenges in life. So get out there and find 15 minutes this week to create your next wrinkle!

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