It’s the vision that every bride has and really hopes for, that bright sunny day, light breeze and low humidity.

So how do you handle rain on the wedding day?

The “perfect” weather forecast. In reality, this, of course, does not always happen, and you should be ready to accept that rain on your wedding day may happen! Here are some tips and positive benefits for our brides that need reassurance with a little preparation, the rain will be the least of your wedding day stresses!

Positive Benefits of Rain on Wedding Day

 #1 Allergies Goodbye!

Either it’s us or we know someone that deals with seasonal allergies. People who struggle with pesky pollen floating around know that a long period of time with no rain means that air quality continues to get worse. Rain is the one thing that clears the air and makes way for improved breathing. It knocks all the dust and allergens out of the way so that you and your guests can grab a tissue for that beautiful ceremony, not their allergies!

#2 Towels for Guests

Summertime thunderstorms can pop up in minutes, and if your outdoor ceremony has already started before that first raindrop, it’s inevitable your guests could get wet. I personally have been a part of this exact moment in a wedding party. As soon as the ceremony was over and the guests were in the reception hall, towels were provided to the party and guests to dry off with. At that moment I could have not been more thankful! The wedding continued on without skipping a beat.


#3 Backup Plan

To continue off of the previous tip, preparation is going to be a theme here. Although your vendors should be ready for anything thrown at them, it’s always a good idea to discuss plans for what if it rains on your wedding day.

Will your band or DJ still be able to play music if your reception is outdoors? Does your venue provide special amenities to guests such as towels in the case of rain? Can the floral arrangements handle rain?

Rain on your wedding day is something we don’t want to think about, but being ready with a backup plan will remove the stress of game-time decisions.

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