A perfect storm

My first obsession was weather. (Okay, and current. Catch me geeking out over winter snowstorms.) Yet as my career shifted away from meteorology, I realized the 9-5 wasn’t for me. I’d always been drawn to photography, but mostly of the sky. So how’d I get here? Everything changed when my friend printed and framed a portrait I took of his family. So often, you snap a pic and move on. Yet he had taken that extra step to make sure he remembered, and it moved me deeply.

I'm a weather guy. "Perfect Storms" are a good thing.

Life has a funny way of softening the edges of memory. But tangible images preserve the distinct shape and feel of a single moment.

For my friend, his girls had already grown a bit. Yet that fleeting stage of childhood lived on thanks to something I did.  

That was the moment I realized I’d found my new obsession, something that could fill me with as much passion as weather. I’ve photographed couples in love ever since.

What do you most want to remember?

You'll hear me say this a lot when we're together...

"I'm a big fan"

I'm a big fan of ...

  • Changing seasons
  • A cup of coffee watching sunrise
  • 90s pop while cooking dinner (Boyz II Men, Britney, Backstreet & Mariah)
  • Calvin & Hobbes Humor
  • Cruising

And yeah, obviously, I mean that I’m a fan of what you two have got going on. But here are some other fan favorites (and not-so-favorites).

I'm not a big fan of ...

  • Sour cream
  • Folding sheets (or making the bed, for that matter)
  • Being the first to order at a restaurant
  • Sour cream (did I mention that already?)

"My husband and I both full heartedly agree that choosing Photography Stiles was our best wedding planning decision. From the very first phone call with Chris, he was so kind and so focused. In person, his laid back energy immediately calmed us during our engagement session. (Which was SO much fun.) After meeting him, and seeing his beautiful work, we knew we needed his talent and humor on our wedding day as well." —Celia


Mad Men


Clooney, always

secret talent


listening to

John Legend

guilty pleasure

Expensive Shoes

take my money



Fantasy Football

weekend plans


a few more things you should know about working with US: 

Everyone wants the sunny day, but there’s beauty in every type of weather. The trick is to be prepared. Don’t worry. We've got back up plans for our back up plans and can pivot on a raindrop.

Rain can make for stunning photos

Both the silly and the profound. The more we simply get to know each other, the comfier you’ll feel during photos. At the heart of everything we do is a genuine desire to understand the couples we get to photograph.

I want to hear your story

no 2

And we don’t want you afraid to use it. Posing is an important tool for catching you at your best. That doesn’t mean stiff. Instead think of it as finding natural positions with my guidance to create portraits you’ll cherish..

Posed is not a bad word

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